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We're re-creating a patch of nature right in the middle of our city! 

Support Your Local Grove!

Now YOU can be a patron and donor to the Boise Eliot Native Grove. We have set up both a Patreon account, where you can choose an ongoing monthly donation to provide regular support (with fabulous plant-naming perks) AND a PayPal site where you can send us one-time donations as needs arise. Click the links to get set up to make a lasting contribution to the Grove, the Future and the Planet!


​       Monthly Patrons

  • Diane Chaplin           

    • Oregon White Oak​​​​

    • ​for Alan Chaplin​

  • Reuben Rentas

    • Douglas Fir

  • Josh Dunn

    • a shrubbery!​

  • Leo Daedalus

    • a shrubbery!​

  • David de la Rocha

    • bee-hotel room​

  • Cynthia Plank

    • bee-hotel room​


    • fabulous perks​


  • ​Laurie Childers

  • Katy Wolf

  • David Lee

  • Laurence Dawson

  • Jack Lazarak

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POSTPONED due to Covid-19:

3rd Annual Earth Day Event

We're hoping to re-schedule for

September/October 2020

**watch this space for updates**

Please DO come take a walk in the Grove during this quiet time of contemplation, and enjoy the lovely plants, birds, bees and solitude. Be sure to maintain safe social distance of one llama (about six feet) between people. If you want to play in the dirt, drop us an email and we'll direct you.

Thank you for all your support and care! Stay safe, stay home!

Our Project Managers: 

Andrine de la Rocha

& Howard Patterson

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Many thanks to our collaborators

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Boise Neighborhood Association

BES Neighborhood to River Program

East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District

The ReBuilding Center

Audubon Backyard Habitat Certification Program

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

Community Watershed Stewardship Program

Friends of Trees, The Xerces Society

Boise-Eliot Elementary School

The Ivy School

Triada Art Photography